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Chapter 1 (continued...2)

Mutation at any level - or any system level - signifies the jumping of a force threshold by this omnipotent Mosc and is, thus, inevitable.

Purpose of evolution is freedom from all these forces at myriad of hierarchical system levels.

Increase in complexity-consciousness for any system is possible up to the level of the overcoming of the strong forces only, which for our present biospherical evolutionary system would be up to the level of us Homo sapiens only. Thenceforth, it will be the turn of the simplicity-consciousness of the expected supermen. An advance idea of this can be had from the fact that our highly evolved great men called masters and sages* already have rather simple consciousness - just like that of a child as they say.

Self-organization is necessary at and up to a point-time till force threshold under consideration for that particular system has been jumped over by the ‘I’** of that system, after which self-disorganization becomes necessary, of course, with self-organization simultaneously beginning to take place at the next force-threshold. In essence, it is the same phenomenon which to Freud seems life and death wish in man at the same time. Or which to geochemist A.G.Cairns-Smith seems simultaneous growth and dissolution in a crystal: ‘Even in a growing crystal the processes of growth and dissolution are both going on at the same time,’ writes he in his book Seven Clues to the Origin of Life. Thus, in an other popular jargon of the day, it is not order out of chaos as is generally understood, but rather, chaos sets in a system only when order has already begun to take place at the next force-threshold for that system - where the ‘I’ of the system has already lodged itself through a process similar to quantum jumping.

A human being's evolution or growth from birth onwards through childhood, youth, middle-age and old-age; a cell’s mutations from stem cell onwards through bone and marrow cell, blood and muscle cell, nerve cell and, let us say for the time being ‘super cell’ (a sort of a cancer cell but to be explained later on); a culture’s Ages such as that of our present culture’s beginning from the Dark Periods onwards through Middle Ages, the Age of Romanticism, the Age of Reason or Anxiety, and finally, the shortly expected, the Age of Intelligence or Intuition (in a way also its old age), all symbolize the overcoming of those four forces by the same Mosc force at their own respective levels.

So, in the ultimate analysis, there is no place for chance and natural selection at any level: at the level of the whole Universe, at the level of our universe, at the level of the species within, at the level of the cultures within those species, at the level of the individual man, of the cell, of the gene and so on down to the much acclaimed ‘grain of sand,’ for one need not wait for chance to grow, nor, for that matter, one has any real prerogative of selection even if it be qualified by the word natural.

The superficial role of chance and natural selection (wherever applicable), however, is explainable within these broad parameters and we shall do it at its proper place.

Purpose-wise, these ideas, in a way, incorporate the mystics’ notions of freedom, moksha, nirvana; philosophers’ ideas of ‘will to power,’ of ‘condemned to be free’ (i.e., ultimately power over forces, freedom from forces); psychologists’ notions of man’s longing for the ‘oceanic feeling,’ of his longing for the security of the womb (longing for ultimate Oneness, for Mosc); scientists’ ideas of acquiring knowledge (‘Knowledge is our destiny’ - J.Bronowski, in The Ascent of Man) which in an indirect way also amounts ultimately to the same endeavor - that of freedom, for, a thing known is a thing from which one has won his freedom.

Thus to play the boy of our first-page story, it is all Mosc, its entanglement into self-produced four basic forces in some topsy-turvy, virtual world, and then its efforts at disentanglement from those forces giving us in the process our actual world.

The other day I was browsing through Roget's Thesaurus of English Words And Phrases and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the synonymous words of evolution is disentanglement -so in line with our above-explained intuition!

Obviously this Mosc theory of evolution I am going to present here, in no way differentiates between the living and the non-living so far as evolution is concerned, and so, it should go without saying that it does not take man to be at the center-stage of things. He is merely a ‘point’ - space-time moment - in the long evolution at the end of which, perhaps billions and billions of years hence, he wouldn’t exist, nor for that matter would the universe as we know it today. What would exist, instead, would be which everybody is free to name, i.e., God, Self, One, Oneness, Nothingness, Vacuum, Void, Great Emptiness, Absolute, Unknowable, Will, Thing-In-Itself, Consciousness-As-Such, Suchness, Sunyata, Supersymmetry, Superspace, seething cauldron of energy, home of so-called black holes and so on, and to which I have given the name of Mosc.

Then the process would re-start ab-initio. From Mosc it all began and to Mosc it will surely return, though to begin again and again...

Yesterday we were animals; a day before, plants; a couple of days before, minerals; prior to that, Mosc. Tomorrow we shall be supermen; a day after, almost unrecognizable but as superior to man as man is now superior to animals; and then, after a long time, first constantly decreasing corporally but increasing cerebrally, then even decreasing cerebrally and changing perhaps to lumps of pure light or intelligence, we shall merge indistinguishably again into Mosc***.

(Actually as the time available has no limit all the above must be happening even now, must be in a continuous cyclical state of happening. In such a scenario for which we would ultimately have to reconcile the steady state - that the Universe always is - and the superdense or big bang - that the Universe evolves from big bang to big crunch - theories of cosmology, the evolution of the Universe from Mosc to Mosc would be a continuous cyclical process and the 15 billion or so years age of our universe would only mean that it takes about this much time to come to our level from the very beginning. And as some far-off stars would turn out to be one of our end ‘species’ on the overall scale in the above scenario, they would have ages far more than mere our universe, besides, of course, playing ‘Parent’ to the birth of the next cycle of the Universe as I would explain somewhere later.)

This, then, sums up the first flush account of my ideas regarding the Universe’s journey from Oneness to Oneness, from Mosc to Mosc that arose out of the dialogue I mentioned at the beginning of this book.

Despite my professed iconoclasm, to claim that these are my very original ideas would only be to betray the height of ignorance. Though that is not to say that I have borrowed them from somebody else. My intuition, as I have worded it in the beginning of this book is purely my own and I had not come across any such ideas before that. Subsequently, however, when I became fairly conscious of them so to say, I began to find parallels to them in some of the Greek philosophers’ writings, as also in some of the Hindu religious texts. What is important in them, as also in many others in fact is, that there is One indescribable totality variously named, which then splits into Two, also variously named, beginning the game of life, of evolution, ultimately again merging into the One. The basic idea is the same here.

The One indescribable totality is our Mosc - or Matter of spiritual or supersymmetric or supersystemic category. On splitting it takes the form of Two: Movc or the Matter of virtual category and Mopc or Matter of actual or physical category. Which then again merge into One or Mosc after the consummation of the Universal game of life. The only addition may be taken to be the description of this game in terms of the forces or interactions, though that too probably because the ancients did not know about the forces.

During the course of this writing I hope to come across almost all the burning questions - may those belong to science, to philosophy or even to mysticism - confronting our global knowledgeable circles today, and help putting them in clearer perspective if not altogether finding answers for them. Some of them which pop out from almost every book dealing with the philosophy of science - and there would be no two opinions that this is the only worthwhile philosophy now-a-days - in my opinion are:

1. Is science coming to sort of an end? If yes, why?
2. Is our language failing us in explaining the things? If yes, why?

3. Are we undergoing some sort of cultural paradigm shift on the global scale? If yes, what sort of culture will it turn out to be?

4. Is our period in some way identical to the ancient Greeks following Aristotle? Are we heading once again towards the Golden/Dark Periods****? If yes, have we any choice?

5. Is mysticism a necessary constituent of our scheme of things?

6. What is the real import of the phenomenon of our being ‘spectator-actors,’ ‘observer-participators,’ ‘constructor–participators,’ in the scheme of things, which most of our cutting-edge scientists have been discovering of late?

7. Is quantum truth the final or some intermediary truth? Does or doesn't God play dice with the world? Does the dice go to the black holes by chance or by an inherent design in the ultimate scheme of things?

8. Are some far-off stars our end ‘species’ on the Universal scale? Does the Universe begin from some far-off star? If yes, how?

Mostly, specialists have written books, to be read by other specialists and the general reader. It is easy for them to handle both: specialist reader, obviously, and the general reader, by simply simplifying their arguments a little. It is a book written by one of the general reader so to say, and is supposed to be read both by them as well as by the specialists. It is but natural that while it may go easy with the general reader - may even entertain him - specialist reader may find it rather too easy, too obvious for their taste most of the time. Yet I would request the specialist reader also to go through it, for, even the falling of an apple had been too obvious for us till Newton showed wisdom enough to reflect over its meaning. Who knows the specialist reader too may find an invaluable iota of truth somewhere in it which may set him afresh on his chosen subject so as to ultimately enable him to break fresh ground in that. No doubt some portions in it he may find outrageously lax or outrightly ridiculous, but then, for that matter, with due apologies, one must remember that the sky of true knowledge is at the same height for those on the ground and on the Mt Everest of learning. I would conclude the chapter by a quotation from the book Theories of Everything by John D. Barrow:

We cannot tell how much of what at present we might be loath even to call science will need to be included in such an all-embracing picture of the world. Indeed, history teaches some interesting lessons in this respect. Today, physicists accept the atomistic well supported by evidence. Yet, this theory of physics began amongst the early Greeks as a philosophical, or even mystical, religion without any supporting observational evidence whatsoever. Thousands of years would pass before we even had the means to gather this evidence....One suspects that there are ideas of a similar groundless status by today's standards that will in the future take their place within the accepted ‘scientific’ picture of reality.

Also read: My challenge to biocentric view of the universe from the chapter Goodbye Biology!

*On the species scale the weak interactions would give us the species of superman. But further within the species man only, because each interaction would go through its own further four basic interactions, these weak interactions give us to whom we call masters and sages. Obviously they have simple consciousness as compared to the ‘intellectual’ man.
**A relatively established ‘point’ along an ‘axis’ of a system - along our spinal cords in our case and also called chakras in Hindu Yogic philosophy – representing Mosc but otherwise showing in the rein of cumulatively which force out of the four basic forces a system presently is. ‘Moving’ from below ‘upwards’ along the ‘axis’ in quantum jumps it establishes itself at each force or interaction center before next quantum jump in due time.
For the specialist reader, this established point would denote my ‘I’ as what David Bohm calls a ‘self-referent process’ in the book A Ghost in the Atom; in contrast with my ‘quantum-mechanical’ ‘I’ so to say which would always move up and down depending upon with whom I am interacting at any given point of time, or even who is observing me. But naturally it would move only within the parameters set up by my above-mentioned relatively established ‘I’. Which is why even though I may be an old man, I will play the child with a child, a youth with a youth and so on, but left to myself – as a self-referent process- I would be and behave like an old man again.
***In this particularly inspired paragraph, which no doubt jumps through higher and higher spirals rather speedily and arbitrarily though obviously to accomplish the hugely difficult task of encompassing the whole of the Universe in a few lines, ‘pure light’ points towards some far off stars which I think would be the end species on the Universal scale as already explained, and ‘intelligence’ is just an effort to co-relate that highest evolutionary status to our human situation; for after all don’t we also look up to our highly evolved/intelligent men in any field as stars? Moreover, all the changes mentioned in it like increasing corporally and decreasing cerebrally and then even decreasing cerebrally etc have been visualized in terms of the increasing and decreasing importance of the forces Mosc entangles into or disentangles from as it moves ahead on its evolutionary journey spiral beyond spirals…Detailed discussion of this phenomenon would come in later chapters.
If some reader should find it difficult to imagine the whole of the Universe ultimately getting reduced to lumps of pure light or intelligence etc, I would like to remind that the whole phenomenal superstructure of the Universe came into being because of Mosc’s entanglement into forces, so it should be logical to assume that the reverse would happen as it gets disentangled from them.

**** In the immediate future we are entering the Golden Period/Satya Yuga, in comparatively longer period of 400 years or so we are entering the Dark Periods to be followed by new global cultural cycle as AD era cultural cycle followed BC era.

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Chapter 1 (continued..1.)

Now supposing that the universe has evolved up to us homo sapiens only - that is to say, besides what we generally call inanimate matter it has only the species of plants, animals, and man in it, and to which in fact we would be calling our universe (with small u) throughout this book- and applying the above formula to this level: ‘throwing out’ its virtual entanglement into gravity Mosc gave us our world of inanimate matter - also to be called of clay to minerals to keep at first specifically our Earth in focus*.

Its efforts at actualizing its virtual entanglement into gravity, or its efforts at disentanglement from gravity gave us our world of plants/trees: forget for a while that the plants/trees grow because of, or towards, sunlight; instead try to picture them as growing 'up' opposite to gravity, as Mosc disentangling from gravity through them.

Throwing up its virtual entanglement into electromagnetic forces Mosc gave us our world of animals. In other words, animals are plants forced to bend horizontally and, moreover, move because of the attractions and repulsions of the electromagnetic forces at their base**.

Mosc's efforts at disentanglement from electromagnetic forces gave us our world of what we call apes (which is why ape is inbetween emotional animals and thinking man).

Throwing up its virtual entanglement further into strong forces Mosc gave us our world of homo sapiens:

Homo in homo sapiens stands for home and sapiens stands for knowledge. Thus homo sapiens are apes in which, Mosc going yet deeper into things gets homed in or imprisoned in a nucleons’ encircled nucleic ‘prison’ where strong interactions come into the fore. From where then it tries to get out through what at human levels and in human language we call knowledge. So that knowledge or intellectual activity is to be the hallmark of the species homo sapiens or man.

Efforts on its part to get disentangled from strong forces and its further entanglement into weak forces would some day give us to whom we may call the species of superman.Its efforts at disentanglement from which would mark the end of Earth as a system. (Though only to first fall onto its parent system, i.e., the sun, and then again to be thrown out to become a part of some still higher system and so on…)

Anyway, as scientists describe the forces in terms of interactions, we may also simplify the whole above explanation in terms of the interactions as follows. But before this I may clarify that each interaction in our scheme of things comprises two parts and so gives two apparent ‘species’: one in which Mosc gets disentangled from the previous force and the other in which it gets entangled into the next. For example, in gravitational interaction it disentangles from inertia and entangles into gravity giving us in the process clay to minerals. In the second or electromagnetic interactions it gets disentangled from gravity, which gives us the species of plants, and simultaneously get entangled into electromagnetic forces which gives us the species of animals. So that collectively this electromagnetic interactions gives us the species of plants to animals. Same is the case with apes to man – disentangling from electromagnetic forces and further entangling into strong forces. Anyway, coming again to the main point of simplifying the above in terms of interactions:

1. Gravitational interactions gave us the ‘species’ of clay to minerals.

2. Electromagnetic interactions gave us the species of plants to animals.

3. Strong interactions gave us the species of apes to man.

4. And finally, weak interactions would some day give us the species to which we may call the species of superman.

Now to go beyond - from the level of our universe to the whole Universe***: The above process shall go on repeating itself through spirals beyond spirals beyond spirals outwards or actualwards, through spirals within spirals within spirals in correspondence inwards or virtualwards, at higher and higher, at finer and finer level - each spiral of four steps of which each step represents one basic force taking Mosc one qualitative step ahead on its journey - till reaching the whole Universal level it disentangles itself from all the forces completely, both outwards as well as inwards, in actual as well as in virtual realms, ‘bodily’ as well as ‘mentally’. Till, in other words, left to itself once again, it regains its original state of Oneness, of non-relational pure existence - a phenomenon to which the scientists from this side would give the name of big crunch.

*The internal structure of minerals are formed because of each cycle or spiral further going through four basic forces induced four basic phases and so on.
**Just as gravity acts from the center of gravity, electromagnetic force or attractions and repulsions now act from their center, which coincides with living entities' heart. Similarly the strong force has its center in the head where man feels himself to be confined/imprisoned. All bodily structures of 'species' from clay to minerals to plants to aniamls to apes to man are because of the pulls and pressures of inertia to gravity to electromagnetic force to strong force from their centers but more of this we will explain later. Remember, we are seeing things from Mosc's (or unified force or even soul's) point of view.
***Imagine the tree of the accompanying picture is spiralling universe both outside and inside or actualwards and virtualwards and grows to its full potential before decaying again both from outside and from roots to leave the ground finally without any trace.

To be continued...

Sep 13, 2010

Chapter 1 (almost a summary of the whole book)


The spirits come, but when and where,
No one beforehand can declare...
---Book of Poetry

When a new and deep idea is discovered for the first time,
it may well appear in cumbersome language...
---John D. Barrow

The fact that I am neither a mystic nor a philosopher neither a scientist nor hitherto even a writer, unknown to the learned and the unlearned world alike, fills my mind with a number of apprehensions before I begin this book.

There is a story or rather a joke in our part of the world in which a theft has taken place in a house and the people of the area have gathered there to find out the culprit. While the schemes to identify and apprehend the culprit are being discussed by the elders in all their seriousness, suddenly everybody hears a boy shout: ‘I know who has done this foul deed’. All the eyes turn towards him and for a moment there is pin-drop silence. ‘It must be the work of a thief,’ said the boy in total simplicity, sincerity and seriousness.

Now as there are only four fundamental forces in Nature, it could be only from them that ultimately anybody could be seeking freedom, liberation, nirvana. So by proffering here my intuition revealing this, I wonder if I am not playing the role of that boy now.

No doubt I have had certain experiences if those can be called the experiences of mysticism. No doubt I have had the habit of taking certain books into my bathroom and some of them - especially for the last some years - turned out to be the books on science and related philosophy. No doubt that for the past few years I have been trying my hand at writing. Yet I fear, aware as I am that my grasp of all these systems of knowledge and expression is arbitrary and untested, for the boy-like innocence and obviousness of some of my ideas and for the unsystematic way of putting them across.

Not only do I fear for the innocence and obviousness of some of my ideas but even more so, on the other hand, for their iconoclastic content. They come in conflict at one point or the other with almost all the pre-existing and well-established theories hitherto put forward to explain the phenomenon of life in general and of evolution in particular (barring, of course, some of the ancients - Greeks or others - with whose ideas they show some sort of compatibility).

Through them, for example, I relegate the role of chance and natural selection in the ultimate scheme of things only to a superficial level. I limit the applicability of the notion of ‘increasing complexity-consciousness’ - that evolution produces increasingly complex species/systems - to a certain range and not beyond. I impose purpose and predictability on evolution at all levels - till now considered non-existent and impossible respectively. I show the notions of holism - that only the study of a system as a whole can give us true knowledge about it - and reductionism - that only the study of a system’s parts individually can do so - to be equally applicable in explaining the things in contrast to giving over-importance to the former at the cost of the later as at present. I make self-disorganization a necessary component of self-organization everywhere rather than over-emphasize the sole role of self-organization etc. (Mercifully they are in line with Stephen Jay Gould's theory of Punctuated Equilibrium, though go far beyond it).

But then, every new theory must have some iconoclastic content otherwise it would forfeit the very justification of its existence. Here I recall the words of Einstein by which, after having shaken the very foundations of the Newtonian world of absolute space and time by his theory of relativity, he asked forgiveness of Newton. Wrote he:

Forgive me, Newton; you found the only way open in your time to a man of the highest scientific capability and strength of thought. The concepts created by you are still the leading ones in our physical thinking, though we know now that if we aspire to a deeper understanding of the interrelationships in nature, we shall need to replace these concepts with others farther from the sphere of our immediate experience.

And mine is an aspiration, as is obvious from the Oneness of the dialogue from where I begin my story, at understanding the interrelationships in Nature at the deepest possible level. Hope my predecessor thinkers/cosmologists/evolutionists would also forgive me likewise.

Apologies over, now I would first give a first flush account of my ideas. That is to say, wherein ideas came to me in sort of a torrent at my first attempt at writing post-dialogue. Even though wayward, this inspired account, and in fact any inspired account for that matter, to me is the soul of any book that is subsequently to be woven around it and so should not be sacrificed at the subsequent ‘others-driven’ conscious-handling of the book. And I request the reader that even if some portions of it are not clear to him at first he need not rack his brains over them. For, in the chapters to follow when I would be developing them further I would provide the necessary explanations.

And this inspired account is invariably the account of my timeless formula for the origin and evolution of the universe, and, given due allowance for local adjustments to be explained later on, in fact of every system within it as follows:

That first and foremost there is an all-inclusive, self-sufficient and ultimately indescribable state or situation of Oneness in the form of what we would call Matter of spiritual category or simply Mosc*. (The religious people may even call that a state or situation of omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience, to be explained later.)

That this state or situation of Oneness is broken when Mosc explodes off from itself (through big bang) to what we would call Matter of virtual** category or Movc, and gets in the process progressively entangled or wound up into a topsy-turvy – obviously also virtual - network of four basic forces, that is to say in the order of entanglement, into a virtual network of weak, strong, electromagnetic and finally gravitational forces.

That the whole edifice of evolution, the whole flow of evolution as it were, then comprises the efforts on the part of Mosc to regain that original state of Oneness. But which is now possible only if this primeval, omnipotent force of Mosc disentangles itself - or gets itself unwound - from those four forces completely.

That, this in turn is now possible in the ‘outwards’ or ‘actualwards’ direction only so as to say : that this in turn is now possible only if Mosc actualizes its virtual entanglement into those four forces by converting the virtual entanglement into the actual and experiencing it: that this in turn is now possible only if, like we create or rather throw our dream world ‘out into the open’ to experience our virtual (latent) desires so as finally to get rid of them, Mosc creates or rather throws our ordinary world ‘out into the open,’ step-by-step or force-by-force or species-by-species to experience its virtual entanglement into those four forces so as finally to get rid of them.

That, this would naturally require that a continuous, creative and corresponding dialogue goes on between that topsy-turvy, virtual world and our ordinary ‘straight’ world during the process such that when finally complete correspondence between them is reached, both the worlds annihilate themselves – supersymmetrize themselves to death, to borrow the words from Paul Davies - and Mosc is once again set free. Or, Mosc in ‘seeing’ through everything, through both the worlds, see only itself and thus regains its original state of Oneness, of infinite, supersymmetric attributes.

In a nutshell, Mosc gets entangled into a self-produced, topsy-turvy network of four basic forces of an ever-increasing strength and in an ever-inflating spiral, beginning from the most inward depths up to the speed-of-light-barrier - up to which in my view the domain of virtual world extends - and then in working itself out gives us our ordinary, ‘straight’ or actual world on the other side of this barrier.

Now this is my timeless, my key formula in short. This applies equally to all systems. Only the strength or effectiveness of the entangling forces varies depending upon the evolutionary status of the system under question, that is to say, how far down the line from big bang the system has presently come. While Mosc would be there for all in the form of what the scientists would call a ‘hierarchy of supersymmetries.’ Or in the form of the portion of the original supersymmetry-breaking superforce which has now come to be the lot of this present system.
To be continued....

*Already explained in endnote under ** in the post Preface. It can only be known through self-experience. **Movc or Matter of virtual category includes what is known as anti-matter but we would call the whole as Movc to keep things simple, more so as this will not effect our main story.


A sudden turn in my life around middle years first forced me to leave my government job of a civil engineer. Then equally unexpectedly it brought me into contact with the latest in physics - especially with the fact that the scientists have reduced all the forces working in the Universe to four basic ones. And lastly, almost simultaneously, it forced me on a long introspective journey – apparently to find my raison d’ĂȘtre in coming into this world - which finally allowed me to have an experience of the basic Oneness of All There Is. Then one day as I sat ‘lost’ in the experience, suddenly I became aware of almost a wordless dialogue going on inside me:

‘Mystics, philosophers have always spoken of freedom, liberation, nirvana, ultimately for whom and from whom?’
‘For this Oneness and from those four forces…’

This was followed in quick succession by the universal panorama of evolution unfold before my mind’s eyes. I ‘saw’ that the origin and subsequent evolution of species mineral, plants, animals, man and so on keeping only our Earth in focus, and of all and every thing up from the universe as a whole since big bang down to the least space-time entity now otherwise, is neither the result of some blind chance nor of Darwinian natural selections etc but basically because of the Oneness’ attempts at freedom, liberation, nirvana, or in a word, at disentanglement, from those four basic forces at myriad of hierarchical system levels.

The book in hand represents my attempt to explain the above basic idea further.

It may, however, be added here in passing that in my scheme of things the Oneness of the above dialogue represents the same ‘Super-something’ to which religious people call Soul, Spirit or even God, scientists call Supersymmetry, Superspace or even Superforce* and the philosophers call Substance or even Supersystem. So to facilitate a collective description throughout this book, I have coined for that the common name of M.O.S.C or simply Mosc**, which will thus stand for Matter of spiritual category or simply for Spirit for the religious people or spiritualists, Matter of supersymmetric category or simply for Supersymmetry for the scientists, and Matter of supersystemic category or simply for Supersystem for the philosophers.

And in the light of the above the import of the above dialogue would also mean that, the origin and subsequent evolution of the Universe down to the least space-time entity is the result:

  • on the part of the Soul or Spirit or even God to seek freedom, liberation, nirvana from four basic forces for the spiritualists; 
  • on the part of Supersymmetry to seek to unwind itself from the same forces for the scientists; 
  • and, on the part of the Supersystem to seek to display itself through the above forces for the philosophers, at myriad of hierarchical system levels.

Moreover, if Mosc (now it will stand collectively for Spirit, for Supersymmetry and for Supersystem) is seeking release, is seeking to get itself unwound from forces in this world, then it must have been wound up into forces in some previous, some inner world. This, in fact, the spiritualists call Hell, scientists call the virtual world and the philosophers call the noumenal world. Rightly called the world of ‘potentia’ by Aristotle, this is, in fact, also the world of our minds as the things come down evolving to our human levels. So to represent collectively that world as well I have coined for that the common name of Movc*** or Matter of virtual category.

In basic terms it will keep account of a system’s release from forces. In human terms - when we would be calling it our minds - it will keep account of what in Hindu religion are called our karma, but which would again basically be the account of the forces as I will explain it in the body of the book.

In line with the above, I have given the name of Mopc**** or Matter of physical category to our this world. Though in most cases I would also speak of it as the actual world - for one, to resonate it with the previous two worlds, i.e., the spiritual and the virtual, and for another, to take certain overlapping of the worlds into account as I shall explain it at its due place later on. No doubt I wanted to give this world the collective name of Moac - Matter of actual category, but seeing the difficulty in speaking it I dropped it in favor of Mopc.

In a slight variation of the theme these Mosc, Movc and Mopc worlds, these spiritual, virtual and actual worlds may also be called the Soul, Mind and Body dimensions of the Cosmic Game of Life.

So, the readers with special interests in the fields of spirituality, philosophy and science respectively may please keep the above explanations also in mind to understand the things in their own way throughout this book. However, I would also provide further explanations of all these concepts as and when our story demands.

Er. Harbhajan Singh
Patiala, India, 2002

* Because of the continuous cyclical nature of Universal evolution/devolution or expansion/contraction which sort of gives a push from ‘behind,’ Supersymmetry comes into being and breaks down to give rise to the Superforce almost simultaneously. Hence Mosc can as much be called Supersymmetry as Superforce.
** To be spoken of as Mosc in Moscow. The coinage of this word as Matter of spiritual category in no way shows that I have some kind of belief in or intend to show the supremacy of matter over spirit or materialism over spiritualism. The Universal game of life is essentially a self-game of the One, indescribable in all its subtleties, and this and the other names to follow like Movc or Matter of virtual category and Mopc or Matter of physical or actual category are mere devices to describe that game. It is just that the majority of the readers can more easily comprehend what is meant by the word matter than by the word spirit. Otherwise these names could well have been Spirit of material category and the like.
*** To be spoken in resonance with Mosc.
****Also to be spoken in resonance with Mosc.
You will also read more about how this word was coined later.

Background to the Book: My First Experience of Oneness

The book Self-Designed Universe really began with what I call my First Experience of Oneness as follows:

By the age of 25 I had completed my degree in civil engineering, joined government service, got married and fathered two sons. For the next about three years, while my friends and colleagues were busy in building up their careers I found myself lost in what one may say are the eternal questions of mankind.

Who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I supposed to go after my so-called death? Has my being, my "I" some permanent point of reference or is it merely a chance bubble floating meaninglessly in the wilderness of space? What is space? Where this world ends? What is beyond that? What is God? What is good and evil? What is the best way to live this unimaginably short life? Could it be that all this (alluding mentally to the world around) never have been? Were there then to be no.. nothing …forever….f o r e v e r….. N E V E R…?

Then one day while I was sitting all alone in my brother's rented flat in a big city, suspended from my government service, separated from my wife and two children, diseased of unattended body and dejected of unanchored mind, something entirely unexpected happened. Something like lightening but unaccompanied by usual light and thunder seemed to flux out of my head upwards, encompassing simultaneously somehow the whole of the universe into its fold...

Actually it is not easy to describe such an experience…For, initially it so overwhelms your being that you lose all your sense of separateness, of individuality. And at long last when you regain some semblance of your sense of separateness, of individuality even then something like what the scientists call Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle - simply put which states that at deeper levels you can know one aspect of reality only at the cost of the other - inhibits its truest recollection much more description: In clothing it with words you tend to lose its essential stuff, its essential beauty; in trying to capture its essential stuff, its essential beauty you increasingly get lost to the world of words…

(Something like St. Augustine's predicament in describing time when somebody asked him about it: "What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I want to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.")

It was not something which had happened to me as say an ordinary incident or even accident would happen to me: a happening, happening to me as something separate from "me*," so that I could simultaneously act as an observer and a participator, so that I could 'note it down' as it happened.

It had somehow involved me totally: it had somehow involved even that part of me which was supposed to 'note it down,' was supposed to act as the base on which the mechanism of my memory was to function.

Anyway, what a way of finding the answers! Off go rather the questions themselves. Off goes rather the impregnable wall itself, dividing the Whole into "I" and "Thou", "I" and "The Rest" which had actually been the cause of all those questions. The questioner, the questioning and the things questioned had somehow got dissolved into one single whole, into one single woolly unity!

A poem** read by me years later described such an experience of mine very beautifully:

The event
Was accomplished
But reason
Had yet to absorb it entire.
It hadn't burst hot from the lips yet,
A tale like a swift-spreading fire.
The moments were not yet near
To assess it dispassionately,
But nonetheless
All was clear
From the look of the earth and the sky…

Consequently I got myself reinstated into my service, brought my family to live with me at my new place of posting and in general let my life adrift.

And again what a life it was! Eight years of almost total abandon! Everything seemed to be happening as if on its own. While I seemed to be standing still, a mere spectator to events! My family, social and service lives sub-serving one way or the other the unstoppable flow of only this almost wordless life!

Post Script: After about ten years I had what I call my Second Experience of Oneness. While the first was sudden in which my focus was on the outer world, the second was slow, conscious one with my attention turned inwards so that finally it took me down to almost the same oneness inside me which I had earlier experienced apparently outside. From here I had my insight for the book Self-Designed Universe as explained in the preface to the book, here given in the next post. There I did not write about the first experience as above but to cut the long story short lumped both together in a way.

*My basic consciousness.
**By Leonid Martyov in the book Something called Nothing by Mir Publishers Moscow.
PS: Those who have had the experience of love-at-first sight with the opposite sex can easily understand this experience. Because the only difference between love and this experience is that while love is experienced at a shallow level and with a particular entity, it is experienced at the deepest level and with the whole of the universe.

Preface to this revised edition

When I began writing Self-Designed Universe* in 1990-91, I was in the deepest layers of my being from where in fact I had had the insight for this book and so could neither keep the reader nor the publisher in mind.

A year or two prior to that I was down due to what some doctor had called psychosomatic llnesses about which he could not do much. Then I had my insight. And as I began to write it I began to improve. So really writing my insight out seemed to me to be my main purpose then than getting the consequent book published.

Then, perhaps because it semed to me to have almost an infinite scope, perhaps because, as I sometimes felt, I did not wish to be famous from the deepest core of my being, perhaps because something in me felt that this knowledge should always remain a bit of a secret from the general populace, I always felt while writing that something from within was keeping me from making it very clear and rather wanted me to give only brief hints. If ever the book-publishing came to my mind, I always knew that I will have to publish it myself .

Even after self-publishing I was not really interested in selling it but only in conveying its insight. But when I will write about it for the purpose people will consider it as a ploy to really sell my book. It hurt more so as I felt forced to write.

Now to make the things a bit more straight I have decided to write it in a blog form. And I will avail this opportunity to make it a bit more clear as well. May be it is time something of it begins to seep into people's minds bit by bit. May be, tired of "doing" people now need to take note of its core theme that all is not up to us and begin to savour a bit of "being" as well, that is, by trying to be self-sufficient and at peace with whatever they have as also by following the policy of "live and let live."

I may revise the chapters, I may give comments at the end of the chapter I will see how it pans out. I don't claim it to be any scientific, philosophical, religious or spiritual work. All I think is that it contains an iota of truth which should be taken into account to formulate an understanding of the universe and our place in it, which I think is Man's end destiny.

*I had then named it An Iota of Truth which was later changed to Self-Designed Universe on the advice of my publisher and my elder son.