Sep 14, 2010

Chapter 1 (continued..1.)

Now supposing that the universe has evolved up to us homo sapiens only - that is to say, besides what we generally call inanimate matter it has only the species of plants, animals, and man in it, and to which in fact we would be calling our universe (with small u) throughout this book- and applying the above formula to this level: ‘throwing out’ its virtual entanglement into gravity Mosc gave us our world of inanimate matter - also to be called of clay to minerals to keep at first specifically our Earth in focus*.

Its efforts at actualizing its virtual entanglement into gravity, or its efforts at disentanglement from gravity gave us our world of plants/trees: forget for a while that the plants/trees grow because of, or towards, sunlight; instead try to picture them as growing 'up' opposite to gravity, as Mosc disentangling from gravity through them.

Throwing up its virtual entanglement into electromagnetic forces Mosc gave us our world of animals. In other words, animals are plants forced to bend horizontally and, moreover, move because of the attractions and repulsions of the electromagnetic forces at their base**.

Mosc's efforts at disentanglement from electromagnetic forces gave us our world of what we call apes (which is why ape is inbetween emotional animals and thinking man).

Throwing up its virtual entanglement further into strong forces Mosc gave us our world of homo sapiens:

Homo in homo sapiens stands for home and sapiens stands for knowledge. Thus homo sapiens are apes in which, Mosc going yet deeper into things gets homed in or imprisoned in a nucleons’ encircled nucleic ‘prison’ where strong interactions come into the fore. From where then it tries to get out through what at human levels and in human language we call knowledge. So that knowledge or intellectual activity is to be the hallmark of the species homo sapiens or man.

Efforts on its part to get disentangled from strong forces and its further entanglement into weak forces would some day give us to whom we may call the species of superman.Its efforts at disentanglement from which would mark the end of Earth as a system. (Though only to first fall onto its parent system, i.e., the sun, and then again to be thrown out to become a part of some still higher system and so on…)

Anyway, as scientists describe the forces in terms of interactions, we may also simplify the whole above explanation in terms of the interactions as follows. But before this I may clarify that each interaction in our scheme of things comprises two parts and so gives two apparent ‘species’: one in which Mosc gets disentangled from the previous force and the other in which it gets entangled into the next. For example, in gravitational interaction it disentangles from inertia and entangles into gravity giving us in the process clay to minerals. In the second or electromagnetic interactions it gets disentangled from gravity, which gives us the species of plants, and simultaneously get entangled into electromagnetic forces which gives us the species of animals. So that collectively this electromagnetic interactions gives us the species of plants to animals. Same is the case with apes to man – disentangling from electromagnetic forces and further entangling into strong forces. Anyway, coming again to the main point of simplifying the above in terms of interactions:

1. Gravitational interactions gave us the ‘species’ of clay to minerals.

2. Electromagnetic interactions gave us the species of plants to animals.

3. Strong interactions gave us the species of apes to man.

4. And finally, weak interactions would some day give us the species to which we may call the species of superman.

Now to go beyond - from the level of our universe to the whole Universe***: The above process shall go on repeating itself through spirals beyond spirals beyond spirals outwards or actualwards, through spirals within spirals within spirals in correspondence inwards or virtualwards, at higher and higher, at finer and finer level - each spiral of four steps of which each step represents one basic force taking Mosc one qualitative step ahead on its journey - till reaching the whole Universal level it disentangles itself from all the forces completely, both outwards as well as inwards, in actual as well as in virtual realms, ‘bodily’ as well as ‘mentally’. Till, in other words, left to itself once again, it regains its original state of Oneness, of non-relational pure existence - a phenomenon to which the scientists from this side would give the name of big crunch.

*The internal structure of minerals are formed because of each cycle or spiral further going through four basic forces induced four basic phases and so on.
**Just as gravity acts from the center of gravity, electromagnetic force or attractions and repulsions now act from their center, which coincides with living entities' heart. Similarly the strong force has its center in the head where man feels himself to be confined/imprisoned. All bodily structures of 'species' from clay to minerals to plants to aniamls to apes to man are because of the pulls and pressures of inertia to gravity to electromagnetic force to strong force from their centers but more of this we will explain later. Remember, we are seeing things from Mosc's (or unified force or even soul's) point of view.
***Imagine the tree of the accompanying picture is spiralling universe both outside and inside or actualwards and virtualwards and grows to its full potential before decaying again both from outside and from roots to leave the ground finally without any trace.

To be continued...

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