Sep 13, 2010


A sudden turn in my life around middle years first forced me to leave my government job of a civil engineer. Then equally unexpectedly it brought me into contact with the latest in physics - especially with the fact that the scientists have reduced all the forces working in the Universe to four basic ones. And lastly, almost simultaneously, it forced me on a long introspective journey – apparently to find my raison d’ĂȘtre in coming into this world - which finally allowed me to have an experience of the basic Oneness of All There Is. Then one day as I sat ‘lost’ in the experience, suddenly I became aware of almost a wordless dialogue going on inside me:

‘Mystics, philosophers have always spoken of freedom, liberation, nirvana, ultimately for whom and from whom?’
‘For this Oneness and from those four forces…’

This was followed in quick succession by the universal panorama of evolution unfold before my mind’s eyes. I ‘saw’ that the origin and subsequent evolution of species mineral, plants, animals, man and so on keeping only our Earth in focus, and of all and every thing up from the universe as a whole since big bang down to the least space-time entity now otherwise, is neither the result of some blind chance nor of Darwinian natural selections etc but basically because of the Oneness’ attempts at freedom, liberation, nirvana, or in a word, at disentanglement, from those four basic forces at myriad of hierarchical system levels.

The book in hand represents my attempt to explain the above basic idea further.

It may, however, be added here in passing that in my scheme of things the Oneness of the above dialogue represents the same ‘Super-something’ to which religious people call Soul, Spirit or even God, scientists call Supersymmetry, Superspace or even Superforce* and the philosophers call Substance or even Supersystem. So to facilitate a collective description throughout this book, I have coined for that the common name of M.O.S.C or simply Mosc**, which will thus stand for Matter of spiritual category or simply for Spirit for the religious people or spiritualists, Matter of supersymmetric category or simply for Supersymmetry for the scientists, and Matter of supersystemic category or simply for Supersystem for the philosophers.

And in the light of the above the import of the above dialogue would also mean that, the origin and subsequent evolution of the Universe down to the least space-time entity is the result:

  • on the part of the Soul or Spirit or even God to seek freedom, liberation, nirvana from four basic forces for the spiritualists; 
  • on the part of Supersymmetry to seek to unwind itself from the same forces for the scientists; 
  • and, on the part of the Supersystem to seek to display itself through the above forces for the philosophers, at myriad of hierarchical system levels.

Moreover, if Mosc (now it will stand collectively for Spirit, for Supersymmetry and for Supersystem) is seeking release, is seeking to get itself unwound from forces in this world, then it must have been wound up into forces in some previous, some inner world. This, in fact, the spiritualists call Hell, scientists call the virtual world and the philosophers call the noumenal world. Rightly called the world of ‘potentia’ by Aristotle, this is, in fact, also the world of our minds as the things come down evolving to our human levels. So to represent collectively that world as well I have coined for that the common name of Movc*** or Matter of virtual category.

In basic terms it will keep account of a system’s release from forces. In human terms - when we would be calling it our minds - it will keep account of what in Hindu religion are called our karma, but which would again basically be the account of the forces as I will explain it in the body of the book.

In line with the above, I have given the name of Mopc**** or Matter of physical category to our this world. Though in most cases I would also speak of it as the actual world - for one, to resonate it with the previous two worlds, i.e., the spiritual and the virtual, and for another, to take certain overlapping of the worlds into account as I shall explain it at its due place later on. No doubt I wanted to give this world the collective name of Moac - Matter of actual category, but seeing the difficulty in speaking it I dropped it in favor of Mopc.

In a slight variation of the theme these Mosc, Movc and Mopc worlds, these spiritual, virtual and actual worlds may also be called the Soul, Mind and Body dimensions of the Cosmic Game of Life.

So, the readers with special interests in the fields of spirituality, philosophy and science respectively may please keep the above explanations also in mind to understand the things in their own way throughout this book. However, I would also provide further explanations of all these concepts as and when our story demands.

Er. Harbhajan Singh
Patiala, India, 2002

* Because of the continuous cyclical nature of Universal evolution/devolution or expansion/contraction which sort of gives a push from ‘behind,’ Supersymmetry comes into being and breaks down to give rise to the Superforce almost simultaneously. Hence Mosc can as much be called Supersymmetry as Superforce.
** To be spoken of as Mosc in Moscow. The coinage of this word as Matter of spiritual category in no way shows that I have some kind of belief in or intend to show the supremacy of matter over spirit or materialism over spiritualism. The Universal game of life is essentially a self-game of the One, indescribable in all its subtleties, and this and the other names to follow like Movc or Matter of virtual category and Mopc or Matter of physical or actual category are mere devices to describe that game. It is just that the majority of the readers can more easily comprehend what is meant by the word matter than by the word spirit. Otherwise these names could well have been Spirit of material category and the like.
*** To be spoken in resonance with Mosc.
****Also to be spoken in resonance with Mosc.
You will also read more about how this word was coined later.

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