Sep 13, 2010

Preface to this revised edition

When I began writing Self-Designed Universe* in 1990-91, I was in the deepest layers of my being from where in fact I had had the insight for this book and so could neither keep the reader nor the publisher in mind.

A year or two prior to that I was down due to what some doctor had called psychosomatic llnesses about which he could not do much. Then I had my insight. And as I began to write it I began to improve. So really writing my insight out seemed to me to be my main purpose then than getting the consequent book published.

Then, perhaps because it semed to me to have almost an infinite scope, perhaps because, as I sometimes felt, I did not wish to be famous from the deepest core of my being, perhaps because something in me felt that this knowledge should always remain a bit of a secret from the general populace, I always felt while writing that something from within was keeping me from making it very clear and rather wanted me to give only brief hints. If ever the book-publishing came to my mind, I always knew that I will have to publish it myself .

Even after self-publishing I was not really interested in selling it but only in conveying its insight. But when I will write about it for the purpose people will consider it as a ploy to really sell my book. It hurt more so as I felt forced to write.

Now to make the things a bit more straight I have decided to write it in a blog form. And I will avail this opportunity to make it a bit more clear as well. May be it is time something of it begins to seep into people's minds bit by bit. May be, tired of "doing" people now need to take note of its core theme that all is not up to us and begin to savour a bit of "being" as well, that is, by trying to be self-sufficient and at peace with whatever they have as also by following the policy of "live and let live."

I may revise the chapters, I may give comments at the end of the chapter I will see how it pans out. I don't claim it to be any scientific, philosophical, religious or spiritual work. All I think is that it contains an iota of truth which should be taken into account to formulate an understanding of the universe and our place in it, which I think is Man's end destiny.

*I had then named it An Iota of Truth which was later changed to Self-Designed Universe on the advice of my publisher and my elder son.

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